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things to say during sex: 

  • ne ne papa 
  • wine choudai 
  • let’s make an alliance 
  • easy peasy japaneasy
  • china i choose you 
  • im the hero
  • prussia isnt dead
  • whats a cold
  • suck ball
  • oh crap my fish
  • i think it tastes like sandwiches
  • im thinking of painting my house a wicked hipster pink
  • i once killed a man with his own mustache and a grape
  • im canadia
  • am i catholic…or protestant? god, i don’t know
  • i may be small but ive got a big heart

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  • Track Name

    Nui Harime Theme

  • Album

    Kill la Kill OST

  • Artist

    Hiroyuki Sawano



The 2nd half of the 17th track.  

Mechanical and oppressive to emphasize her sadistic nature, despite her cute appearance.

Gosh, everyone seems to be having so much fun!

This theme is just so genius. Everything about this song perfectly accentuates the character and design of Nui. Listening to it gives me goosebumps out of how EVIL it sounds. FUCK I LOVE MUSIC

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