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#61) grandfather of first person shooters, started the trend of multiplayer arena shooters, extremely important person in video game history, a programming genius.

#40) tumblr-tier third wave feminist, scam artist, liar, lazy, makes up information, doesn’t actually like video games, talks about women in video games with absolutely no nuance or interesting commentary.

and people say gaming journalism is a joke

This list was clearly made by someone with no knowledge or comprehension of the video game industry - or the intellectually bankrupt, journalistic liar that is Anita Sarkeesian. Shit like this is sickening.

The math/programming genius that is John Carmack…The creator of the first person shooter genre…The creator of many technologies in games…The man who after a period of time released the entire source code of the games he worked on, so others could freely use them…The man who takes his own time to talk at the QuakeCon convention on game development tips…The mans creation that brought us games like TF2/HL2/L4D/COD/Quake/Doom/Wolfenstein/etc…………….. listed as 61st position on most influential people in games on the above list…………….


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