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omg that kid totally just phased through his body i cant believe they let this go to the final cut thats so lazy. this film has a multi million dollar budget this is unacceptable how could the animators miss that

movie ruined

omg wow, I’m so disappointed in you Dreamworks. I thought you guys were professionals. 

ya, lazy much? Honestly, I am disappoint.

This happens several times throughout the film, especially to the Jack Frost character. In one scene, we can see him clearly positioned between the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus…


But in the next shot, he’s gone completely!


This is just lazy animation! If Dreamworks thought that we won’t notice, they were seriously kidding themselves.

And people wonder why I’m in the DreamWorks fandom.

reason #27375 why you shouldn’t watch rise of the guardians.

I mean, one of the main characters didn’t have their voice actor in the credits!!!

Whoever voiced Sandy, I am so, so sorry.

(Source: garbageboi)

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